Campaign To Boycott Puma Over Israeli Sponsorshi

” Activists had set up data stands in several cities to spread flyers and also participate with the public, to answer their own questions and increase awareness concerning the motives and aims of the effort. In the UK, besides over 30 protest activities all around the nation, there have been grassroots”counter-advertisements” truc tiep bong da to its effort which seemed in bus stations around London. Puma is now sponsoring the IFA, which comprises six teams in the illegal settlements from the West Bank. Puma had signed up up a sponsorship deal with the IFA, which meant offering gear, such as kits. Adidas has been the host of this IFA and its affiliated groups for ten decades. The boycott campaign is supported by over 200 sports institutions and teams.

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel has appealed not to bring about normalizing the job as well as the apartheid. During its sponsorship, Israel is being aided by Puma in using the international sport of football when it uses Puma’s kits and equipment whitewash and to improve its image. The campaign was motivated by athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos, who raised his fists in the 1968 Olympic games in the air, protesting racism. If Puma continues to sponsor and encourage both the IFA and soccer teams, in addition to shamelessly benefit from it considering this, it would be the worst kind of doublespeak.

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