Deals with the Best Gift Card: Your Choices

All families with children, whether they have specific needs or not, face the comments of the family more or less close, whether on the behavior of the child, the fact that he does not finish his plate, that he does not necessarily pay attention to gifts received, or that he does not thank his family when this gift is supposed to be offered by the famous Santa.

Why are we trying to be perfect during the holiday season?

And if everyone took advantage of these holidays at his own pace? Do not worry about what others think and make this Christmas vacation memorable for kids! Here are some nice ideas for any questions that may arise during these holidays about your child. For the Vanilla Visa Prepaid Card this is a very important matter.

Deal with the remarks

At family reunions, you can be with more or less distant relatives, whom you see only once a year. Sometimes people in the family who are not familiar with your child’s disability make well-intentioned but uninformed comments. Some may make remarks that seem insensitive and rude. Try not to let them ruin your day. Concentrate on your child and turn the conversation into something positive.

Deviate the negative remarks, “But why does he eat only mashed potatoes and not the rest? “She is so tasty that he seems to love it! How do you make it so smooth? Could you give me your recipe? “

Being empathetic with the family, “Nadia did not even look at the gift I gave her! “I know you’re disappointed, but she’ll appreciate it tomorrow, at home, when she’s calm. I’ll tell you how she played and what she liked in this game.”

Stay positive, “But when will Arthur finally talk? “It’s difficult because he has so much to learn, he goes at his own pace, like every child in the end. He has already come a long way, he knows how to draw and begins to read. “

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Deals with the Best Gift Card: Your Choices

Remain courteous, “Why does not he sit down to table with us? Come on, come on Arthur! “Today is Christmas, it’s a special day, and if Arthur wants to play or be on the ground rather than sitting for hours, I prefer him to be happy and have a good time as well.”

Help others interact with your child

You live with your child’s disability every day, but your loved ones know little about your child and their specific needs. Some may not know how to communicate with him. Help them interact so they can exchange and enjoy this day of celebration together!

Encourage your loved ones to talk to your child about what he likes: “Arthur loved our time in England, if you ask him, he’ll talk about it for hours!”

Help your family speak with your child: “Nadia has a hard time answering these kinds of questions. If you give her a choice or ask her a question that she can answer yes or no, she will.”

Provide a specific layout for your child

Just as you would ask in a restaurant, or in any other place, you can ask the person who receives you a few small arrangements beforehand so that your child feels better during these family celebrations. While being tactful, focus on what your child might need to have a good time with the family.