Do You Often Fantasise of Becoming A Woman? 

There are many men, who admire male and are actually cross-dressers at heart. Most of them stay as an admirer only because they believe that they may never look feminine even remotely.

Therefore, these people are often attracted to trans-girls to get into kind a symbiotic relationship which fulfils their personal requirement to express their desire to dress. Looks very weird, isn’t it?

Those who secretly are interested to dress like a female may come in many different shapes and size. Few of them are mildly interested to express the feminine side of their personality and enjoy the moment with their wife’s dresses or in her undergarments.

There are also few who want to dress as a female and have sex with a shemale in Paris and try to play a dominant role. Also, few are in between these two extremes based on their mood.

Majority of guys who are attracted to a transwoman are in fact closeted and fetish crosses dressers. Their main attraction to transwoman is that they too want to become one of her.

A transwoman was once interviewed and asked how she ultimately decided to become one. In this article, we are sharing her journey of this transformation.

Over the years she discovered that she was getting strongly attracted towards trans girls. As a male she was also attracted to any genetic girl but the intensity was not as strong like any trans girls. She was really struggling with her choice as a man and not sure what to do.

She had to decide whether she should remain simply an admirer of trans girl or just become one. She was not sure in which category she really was.

The next question, which came to her mind is whether she will be happy with such transformation. As a man he was attracted to trans girl but not to become a trans girl.

Thirdly, she thought whether it will be realistic to have a relationship with certain trans girl. Will it make her happy and meet all the expectation and fantasies as far as sex is concerned?

Lastly, she thought whether it will be wise to share this feeling to a friend or family member. She obviously could not share her thoughts to anyone and also never felt comfortable to share such thoughts.

The question that haunted was whether it will be really possible to look like woman?

She considers is fairly correct acid test – which gender side you are probably on? If you try to fantasize as a trans-girl, do you consider most about whether you will be top of her – or she on top of you?

As per her experience in this journey, most of those people who prefer to be on top – are usually more into just erotic sensation from t-girl encounter. However, those who derive pleasure at receiving end during sex are the real girl at heart.

So, if anyone is privately harbouring a desire of becoming a girl then go through the above and make your decision.