Poker Online- Types Of Poker Games

There are many poker online games available on the situs poker online. However, some poker game is very well known and many people are playing these days. On the other hand, some people don’t know the different versions of poker. Texas hold’em is the most playing game and famous. The game of poker also is in various formats like cash game and tournament, speed poker, omaha, etc. The games play based on the betting limit as well.

Here you will read different type of poker

Betting limits- if you are not playing poker game with betting limit then it is a bit awkward. However, it only depends on you what beat limit you choose small or big beat limit. Moreover, the big beat limit is mostly using for fifth, sixth, and seventh streets. The big beat limit is always twice to small beat limit.

Texas hold’em

If you are beginner then through texas hold’em game you can learn more about the online poker game. This game will help you to learn new tips and strategies. However, you must have seen this game in many tv series and movies.  The best betting time is before dealing with the card.


The omaha game is really popular in these days and has many actions. However, the main difference in omaha and texas hold’em is it has four hole cards place of two. The dealers distribute four cards of players. With the help of five community cards, you can prepare the best hand. Moreover, you must prepare the hand using three cards among them once available.

Video poker

The video poker is the best online card game and a very popular online game. It has different bonus variants and standard versions. Moreover, video poker has an extra feature like jokers wild and deuces. Every players need to choose the 13 cards among the 52 cards.

Pai gow poker

In the pai gow poker online player aims to win from the banker that is your competitor or represent the casino. Along with the 52 card the joker has to mix. Moreover, you need to deal 7 cards and then divides into 5 cards and 2 card hands. However, your 5 card hand must be strong than 2 card hand.

2-7 triple draw

In 2-7 triple draw, you will play four rounds of betting and 3 draws. You can raise your betting limits any time according to your entire stack.

Poker Online- Types Of Poker Games

Chinese poker

This game is very famous in the poker world. However, it is something different to normal poker. For playing this game you need to four players. Every person chooses 13 cards among all cards and then divides into three poker hands. Moreover, the Chinese poker game is very popular and playing nowadays. For more click here

Let it ride

It is also an amazing game in the poker world. However, people think that this game is tough. But besides that, if you search on the internet about it you can get a lot of information about it. Moreover let it ride is a very easy game. So this is the article all about the type of poker game. I hope through this article you know more about the poker online.