Should My Loved One Be Placed in Assisted Living or Adult Foster Care?

While both assisted living facilities and adult foster care Massachusetts offer care to seniors who need assistance with activities, these two senior living options offer unique experiences. Here is some information on each of these care solutions and factors to consider when choosing which one is best for your loved one.


While assisted living facilities are built more like an apartment complex, adult foster care takes place in a residential house. Some seniors enjoy living in a private unit with a wide variety of amenities to enjoy. However, others may find comfort living in an environment that feels more like the home they’re leaving.


At an assisted living facility, there will be many opportunities for socialization with a wide variety of people. From fitness classes to communal dining, seniors are exposed to a large group of seniors. Adult foster care, on the other hand, offers a tight-knit community with only a couple of other people. Some seniors may feel intimidated by large groups of people or they may simply prefer making close relationships with others in a more intimate environment.

Should My Loved One Be Placed in Assisted Living or Adult Foster Care?


Seniors living in assisted living facilities do not receive constant care and supervision. Rather, they have a great amount of independence in their day to day lives and only receive assistance with activities they can no longer complete. Adult foster care offers 24/7 supervision if needed. However, these care homes often are not able to offer skilled medical care similar to what is offered at a nursing home.


The cost of assisted living and adult foster care are comparable, but care homes are often the cheaper option. There are many factors that can affect the overall price of senior living including the location of the home, the level of care needed, the quality of the living quarters, and any additional services or amenities that might be offered.