Why Bluffing in Poker is so Much Harder Online

There are tons of differences between bluffing in a live game and bluffing on a computer.

Honestly it is 100% easier to bluff face to face just because of the atmosphere of a poker room.

A bluff is really just a bet or raise that is made when you are holding cards that have no real shot at winning.

The whole reason to bluff is to win a pot even though your hand is so weak that you cannot win with the cards you hold. You are attempting to cause your opponent to assume that you have a really nice hand when all you actually have is a poor hand.

The worst mistake new online players make is that they bluff too much money and they bluff too frequently. For some reason online players bluff more than offline players.

In offline games, bluffing requires a person to be a calm blank wall and not be worried about being embarrassed if they lose on a bluff. Online players do not have to worry about embarrassment or appearing calm to their opponents.

A lot of new players enjoy bluffing because it gives them a rush. They see it Happen all the time in movies and they feel like a movie star when there bluff pays off. Because of that rush they are more likely to be fearless and bluff more often than any experienced players.

Another reason bluffing happens more frequently online is there is no action involved. When you are at a poker table to bluff you have to choose your bet and actually pick up your chips and place them into the pot, when playing poker online you just click a mouse and you have made your bluff with little or no time to second guess the decision. A lot of players that bluff online would never bluff in a daftar idn poker room.

Since a bluff is also more likely to be called online than it is in a poker room it works out good for you. You can play average hands very aggressively and there is a strong chance that your opponent is bluffing. On the other hand you should bluff less online than you would in a poker room. Experienced online players know that there is a high likelihood of bluffing online and they will play aggressively and call a lot of bluffs with mediocre or average hands.

Why Bluffing in Poker is so Much Harder Online

The best strategy for playing online is to avoid the low limit tables. Players that play low limit tables like to stay in even with low numbered pairs. Trying to daftar idn poker bluff these types of players won’t matter because they will call all the way to the river card.

You should also avoid No Limit games. Bluffing works better on no limit tables because there is a lot more money at stake and the size of your bank compared to the other players is very important.

So now you know why bluffing is more difficult online than it is in a poker room. At least you can learn to use it to your advantage as long as you play smart.